Having a firm that thinks "outside the box" adds tremendous value to an organization.

Services Overview

Institutional Advisors, Ltd. (IA) was founded in 1995 as a business consulting company to provide marketing, business development, strategic planning, and financial consultation to small and mid-sized businesses. Specifically, Institutional Advisors provides the following services.

Business Development

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Institutional Advisors provides business development services to clients who want exposure in various markets. Institutional Advisors is able to help clients gain entry and establish a presence in the marketplace.


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Institutional Advisors has an extensive network of capital resources. IA helps its clients obtain appropriate funding from financial institutions as well as private investors. Whether it be debt financing or private equity, IA has relationships around the globe to assist client companies continue to grow.

Strategic Planning

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Institutional Advisors can develop a comprehensive strategic plan for a company. Unlike a one-year operational plan, a strategic plan provides a company with a guide for the next three to five years. Every client that has asked Institutional Advisors to help it develop a strategic plan has found the experience to be stimulating and rewarding.

Marketing Consultation

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Institutional Advisors provides marketing consultation and client services for small and mid-sized companies who choose to use a marketing consultant, either exclusively or as a supplemental resource.